14 December 2005

More Facts

I am working on my last take home final!! YEA!! Well, last for this semester anyway. It's for my Primary Health Care course. Thus, nutrition plus ALL the other factors of health abroad. It was very interesting. But, as i review my notes and literature I thought of some things I wanted to share with you all:

--Every year 4million new borns die (with in the first 28 days of life)
--Another 4 million are still born
--The age group 15 to 24 year olds are the major group with new HIV infections. THis means, we haven't even begun to see the effect of HIV on our planet. As this generation grows up what will this mean for those countries where prevalance of HIV is in the double digits?
--Most people who die with HIV, actually die from TB
--1/3 of the population has had exposure to TB
--Every second a new person is infected with TB
--When poor individuals go the doctor, 1/3 of them NEVER get the prescribed medicine due to money issues and another 1/3 don't buy them all
--Funding for medicines: in high income countries they are 50 to 90% funded (US on the low end); middle and low income countries they pay 50 to 90% out of pocket;
--In Sub-Saharan Africa, to simply by the medicine to treat pneumonia is three month's wages!!
--If vaccines and the basic medicines (anti-biotics, etc) were made available to all, equally, 10.5 million lives could be saved each year.

I tell you these things as the holidays near so you can have something to remind you how greatful you should be. If you are reading this, you have access to a computer, the internet, and the knowledge to use it--you are leaps and bounds ahead of the people i have been referring to above.

Back to my test--

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