31 August 2006


Tomorrow is September in the year 2006. Does that shock anyone else? I am fascinated by time, how it passes (or seems to pass) so slow then so fast. But, it is always disappearing at the same rate. It's the little things that entertain me, that's how I survived Moldovan Winters. Anyway--not too much to report. I am in the running for a job that I would LOVE, but am waiting to hear back on the last step in the process. I won't say anything more, as to not jinx it, but I will say it would make me very happy and my mom and dad, not so excited. That's how you know I will love it. Not that I am seeking to upset my parents, I do love them and owe them, well everything, but the more I like the idea of something it seems the more parents don't. We just don't see eye to eye on where I should live and work. :) Alas--we shall all press on and be fine, but again I need to stop talking about the job and focus on other things. I am sure it will be fine.

I recently got a barrage of emails from many of PC friends. It started with one, Jen, and then many of us on the list just kept replying. It was GREAT to hear about everyone. As I talked about in a previous post, at different times of your life, especially when you are single and without family, you become extraordinarily close to people in a rapid fashion. They become family, and you can't picture life without them. Then--whatever time period that was, whether it was your first year away at school, or your time in Peace Corps, it comes to an end. Then you just lose touch. You may keep some of your friends, but it is almost impossible to keep up with everyone, try as you may. But, these random updates were great--it seems everyone in my PC family has gone on to accomplish great and fascinating things. Just another testament that PC rocks. :)

I also got a different update, from my dear friend Lilia in Orhei, Moldova. I have talked of her much, as she saved my life (sanity that is) in Moldova. Actually, come to think of it she saved my life too when my house was overcome with carbon monoxide I stayed with her until it cleared. Anyway--Lilia is the perfect example of charity. She loves children and spends every waking moment serving the underserved in Moldova (of which there are many). She runs camps for troubled kids (e.g. abandoned, kids of alcoholics, orphans, poor, etc) all summer long. She named the camp El Shadai. Here is a picture of her!!!! I'll end with that, as you just can't improve upon Lilia. Hopefully in the coming week I will hove more interesting info for you--


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When I was in college I was always glad that we were on the quarter system because that meant we didn't start until the 3rd week of September. I never had to worry about that frantic, closed-in feeling that generally occurs in students over the Labor Day weekend. --Karen