14 October 2006

Some Photos for the stories below--

To the left is the handwashing sink (with the pink bucket in it). The door just before it is the bathroom. Below is the weight and height check in location at the emergency feeding center. Inside the orange tent is a salter scale (hanging scale) and a length board. The women sitting around on the outside are waiting to have their children checked--to see if they meet criteria to be on the program. It's strange, because if they 'don't meet criteria' it means they are healthy, and will be sent away empty handed. Some have walked 1/2 a day to get to this center in the hopes of getting supplementary food. It's hard to explain to them, your child is healthy so we are going to give you nothing, have an nice day. Frustrating, but reality.

Here is a picture of one such mother waiting to see if her child will be taken. Note his large belly, from hepatomegaly--most likely from an infection. Worms maybe? If he is taken on the program he will automatically be given deworming tablets. I left shortly after this, so was unable to follow up with them.

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