03 January 2007

FINALLY--some pictures

I just loved this little girl and her baby brother. This is how they carry the babies around. You can't tell, but one side goes over her shoulder, then tied in her front. And, you guessed it, if the kid has to go--he just goes, if you know what i mean!! This area (near Harar) is famous for brightly colored and patterned skirts. So cute!!

This is my FAVORITE breakfast. I believe i've described it before--it's 'Special Fool.' YUMMY!! It's a spicy chickpea and egg dish you eat with your hands!! YUMMMY--

The internet has crashed several times today, losing all my work--I'm not in the mood to re-load all the photos, so I'll do them later. Sorry. I am told at the new office, i won't have to be irritated as much!

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