05 April 2007


How is everyone? I hope well as most of you are experiencing the first signs of Spring. I am jealous, as Spring is my favourite season. It’s gorgeous and to be honest, there are fewer bugs! J

This will be short, really. Not much going on over here, still in Nairobi. I go to work, sit at a desk and read, edit, and write reports, then I go home. Hence, the short email. But, I wanted to let you all know I’m off to South Sudan. I’ll be spending about 2 weeks in Kurmuk (Southern Blue Nile Valley). It’s VERY hot there now, upper 40’s (Celsius). I am sure I’ll let you know exactly how bad it is!!! I will be helping with a ‘MICS.’ In life, and I feel especially in my field, it’s all about the acronyms. You can write entire paragraphs with JUST acronyms. There are acronyms for practically everything. In this case, MICS is a Multi-Indicator Cluster Survey. Just another way to say what I do—surveys of health, nutrition, and food security. It will be a good time as 2 of my former comrades from Ethiopia have moved to new jobs there. It will be a great reunion.

Just one thing before I go, told you this would be short—I am officially addicted to street corn. That sounds bad, but it is OHH so good. There are vendors everywhere with little charcoal stoves. They roast the corn over the charcoals then roll it in a mix of spices. The spices I am unsure of, but I know it includes salt and red pepper. They top it off with some fresh lime!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man, it is heaven. Absolute heaven. When I return to Ethiopia, I will definitely miss that!

Okay—wishing you all a beautiful week!


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