09 December 2005

Oh, the books

For the fourth night in a row I am sitting in the library 2 hours past my bed time. Three nights ago I got 5 1/2 hours of sleep, two nights ago 4 1/2, and last night 3 1/2. I truly do not want to keep up this pattern. I would much rather break the cycle, but alas here I am staring at books. I am working on a paper in the Fletcher School of law and diplomacy library. It has a very Harvard feel. Tall book cases of thickly bound books with gold trim. Vaulted ceilings with chandelers and paintings of men around the room looking very distinguished from their arm chairs. The room is silent except the tittering of laptops. Everyone one has large cups of coffe sitting next to them; I have my Nalgene with water and my "Equal Exchange" sticker.

This paper is due at 8:00am, and I then have class until 6:00pm. Fridays are bad. very very bad. But, somehow I will come out unscathed in the end. The bags under my eyes have definetly put on a few pounds, but it's part of the package when you go to grad school.

I should STOP procrastinating the last five pages of my paper ( and writing the abstract, my LEAST favorite part) and get back to work. However, I leave you with this beautiful photo from India--
Nu mai bine.

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Dents said...

poo bay-bee!
Sleep in this weekend! You've earned it