04 December 2005

So Tired, again

Here is a picture of three of my dearest friends here at school. They are (starting next to me) Maina Muthee, Isabel Madzorera, and Afsan Bhadelia. We have so much fun together, and most importently they keep me sane! They are examples to me, and a plethora of experience and knowledge i hope to gain by just being around them.

It's "go" time for students around the world. The average number of hours slept per night in the Boston area dropped by three hours last week, and unfortunetly i am slightly above average!! There is little to no hope of a good night of sleep until Dec 17th, and I have a count down on going for that. At this time of semester I am constantly question why in the world I came back! I have had a wonderful experience, and will not be sorry in the future, I hope, but man--being a student sucks.

Need to run--more later-

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Dents said...

Its funny! I am sleeping more than ever!