26 January 2006

Happy Birthday

So, today is the Birthday of my dear friend Kunal. Kunal worked for UNICEF this summer at the same time I did. He is an AMAZING person, a little young, but wise beyond his years. He was a great example to me this summer and I spent my last weekend with him traversing across Rajasthan. It was great. He is one of those people you meet and you know they are going to change the world. I am so glad I got to meet him now, because some day he'll be important enough to give me a job!!!! Yea. This is a picture of us in Jaipur. We tried to go see a bollywood film, but couldn't get in. But, while he was in line for the ticket I sat in the shade. As the only white individual for miles, I attracted a serious crowd. Mainly small children surrounded me, and I of course had to play. I would pretend to pull something out of my bag, and motion for them to come get it. Then I would grab them and tickle them. All the kids would run screaming and laughing. One little sister tried to "save" her older brother. I played this EXACT SAME TRICK atleast 50 times on different kids. They thought it was the funniest thing--there are so many reasons i love children. As this went on, parents and other adults started gathering around also. I took pictures and showed them, and kept playing games. At one point, a little boy took something from his mother's hand and came over to me. I was confused for a moment, but put my hand out. Then the shock of my life, he dropped 5 rupees in my hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They thought I was a street performer or something. It was awesome!! I was like, no no no, take it back. It took some serious coaxing to get the woman to take back her money. It was great. The other pictures, i put up are of the cute kids there.

Hope you all have a beautiful day.


Denti said...

I know of another person who is going to be that "important enough to give (people) a job" - YOU!! Dont underestimate yourself!
YOU are the best!

Dan I. said...

Now it's been many years and I could be wrong, but if I remember correctly, you also failed to mention that it was another great individual's birthday this month...YOURS!!! Happy belated b-day.

p.s. Bangladesh is going great. I'm having lot's of fun.

Anonymous said...

hey jess....i hav been gettin ur mails n its gr8 to hear dat u r not only doin ur work efficiently but u r also njoin it...im doin fine in India...3rd year is hectic man...now u hav to start worryin about ur placements...anyways...u keep me informed bout d other happenings in ur life....all d best in evethin u do!!! njoy n hav fun...namaste...hope u remember dat;)-Pallavi, Bhopal, India...