07 February 2006


(above-from left,me Gordo, Isabel, and Tara)

It was officially my 29th Birthday!! Can you believe it, I can't. I thought I'd be so much smarter by the time I reached 29, but alas, again I am disappointed in this venture. My Bday was lovely--I spent most of the day studying -- nothing new. I remember my sophomore year I spent the entire day in the Sci-Tech Library at USU studying for an Organic Chem test I had the next day. Pretty much, Birthdays have been on a steady rate of improvement since then. I went to my favorite restaurant--Tacos Lupita. It's this hole in wall looking place that serves INCREDIBLE El Salvadorian food. LOVE IT--side note, it's also cheap. Would you expect anything else from me? The first picture is from our time at Taco's Lupita. It's great, there is a TV in the corner playing Spanish Soap Operas--quality.

Above is my consulting team (LIJ is the name of our company). Lucy, Isabel and me. When i say consulting, i mean we actually WORK. We do survey research for people. It's not REALLY a company, and we don't tell anyone our company name really, but we do really get paid! Nice. Below, the boys, from left Gordo, Denti, and Maina.

Then on Saturday, my friend Laura and I celebrated our Bdays together (she was born on the 26th). Some food and dancing, that's all it takes for me. The next pictures are from there. The picture below is (from left) me, Maya (my roommate from last year), Susanna, Laura (bday girl) and Isabel.

I am at the library, as usual. Much to do today--as usual, but the sun is out, so I am enjoying some rays through the window. Also, it was warm enough the last four days to wear my Chacos--so things were good. Today, I had to give in and put shoes back on--but, I'm crossing my fingers it will be a short stint. Hope you are all well--


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