01 April 2006


OKAY!! I know. I told you all to start reading my blog, then i promptly stopped writing. I have heard from plenty of you. I'm sorry. I really dont' have a good excuse, unless you count school. Which, I do!! School--oh the thorn in my side. I CAN NOT wait to be done. Am I done? I have been approached by varying faculty and asked if I am planning on doing a PhD. My face generally contorts into an unnatural state, and I utter "no!" The thought sends shivers down my spine. Granted, I am fully aware i said this about getting a masters, but I am very serious about the PhD. I am just not cut out for academia.

Anyway--graduation is fast upon us. Soon, I will be an MS RD RPCV! Good times. It's all about the initials after your name!! I have great news!!!!!!!! I GOT A JOB!! Can you believe it!!?? It's only March and I have a job that I will start in June!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOO GREAT!! I will be working for Action Against Hunger (do check out their website at http://www.actionagainsthunger.org/)
I don't know which country I will be working in yet, but I will let you all know soon. I must run--yes, school calling. If I survive until May 21st---(graduation day), it will be a miracle!

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Dan said...

Congrats :)