19 April 2006


I had a the great opportunity to be on the "FOOD committee." A new inititative here at Tufts Friedman School, with several projects relating to food, the environment, agriculture, and sustainability. For my role, I helped organize a symposium we had here and Tufts, and I must say, despite my presence on the committee, it went GREAT!!! It was held April 11th, and the title was "Sustainability in the balance: Juggling Environmental Health, Economic Profitability, and Social Equity in the Global Food System" I've put the poster here-->

I realize that it is probably pretty small, but if you click on it you should get a bigger version. If not, the highlights are as follows:
Our key note speaker, Fred Magdoff from UVM talking about the "agro-ecological principles of sustainable ag." Then we had two panels--one more general on trends in the global food system and how it will effect sustainable AG then a panel on everyones hot topic list, Biofuels: Friend or Foe!!

It went so great. I wish you all could have been here. I wish I had the memory capacity of my brothers, and I'd regurgitate the info for you--but that is not my talent in life. When I find my talent, I'll be sure to post it here first!! But until then, you will have to suffer through my ramblings.

I need to get back to my paper on proxies for birthweight in the field, which is ironic as birthweight is a proxy for intrauterine influences--but that could be a WHOLE other paper!

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