11 July 2006

Big Changes

Okay-I know, it's been a bit. I'm sorry. I just didn't have a lot to say. My daily schedule consisted of playing chutes and latters with my niece and nephew, surfing the web for jobs, sending out of CV's, then playing blue's clues with my nephew. Now you are caught up. But, things are about to change. I am on the move again. I really have a hard time staying in one place for any given amount of time. I really like change. It's not a common thing, as most people like ritual and consistency, or as I call it monotony in their life. So, as of July 13th, I will be moving to Maryland. I am moving in with my brother Shane, his wife Jen, and their children Chase, Ashley, Keiran, Alexander, and Jackson!!! Full house. However, I will be spending just one night in DC, as Friday morning I take off for NY. I HAVE JOB INTERVIEW!! Yea. It's with a company called GOAL. They are based out of Ireland and have a small office in NY. It's a nutritionist job, managing the nutrition component of their Primary Health Care projects. They work in 15 countries, from Angola and Kenya, to Honduras, India, and Pakistan. LOVELY! I like variety. It's very exciting.

I did have a small adventure with my family, sisters and mother to be exact. We had a girl’s weekend up at my sister’s cabin up above Kamas (Park City). We spent the weekend there. It's gorgeous up there right now, unusually green for this time of year. In fact, it was declared Utah is FINALLY out of drought. We have been in a drought for 8 years (?) Something like that, a very long time. But we got so much snow last year and this year, and a lot of mountain rain, we are in the clear. It's interesting. Anyway, the cabin. We walked around, watched movies, and talked. I finally got to see a great movie, "Born into Brothels." It's documentary about children in Calcutta, India. It's very good if you are interested.

The exciting part of the adventure, or rather the inappropriate part, I fed a Doe from my hand! Doe is a female deer for you non-mountain folks. This is inappropriate b/c if you feed them, they think humans are nice, and are more likely to be killed in the hunt. However, in my defense, this deer had OBVIOUSELY been fed before. It saw me standing on the deck and walked up and sat and waited for me to come down. It had this 'lost puppy' look on it's face and wagged it's tail. It was like it was saying, "Hello! Cute dear down here! Big brown eyes, floppy ears, little tail-Give me some food!!" So, I obliged. I fed the little beggar carrots from my hand. I even have a picture to prove it! However, my sister took the picture on her camera and doesn't know how to get them off yet, so you will have to wait for that one. I will post a picture of the girls at the cabin, it's lovely! As you can tell, the sister on the left (Kristine) is pregnant, next to her is my mother, and then my sister Lisa. Kris is due in October, her first and we are all VERY VERY excited.

Well kids, I know this was a boring blog, but my life has not been that exciting as of late. I warned you at the beginning. I need to get back to work, as I am trying to become an adult. It's about time! Until next time--hope you are all well.


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