21 June 2006


Hello everyone. Sorry it has been a while. I have no excuse, as i am unemployed and not in school anymore, so time is all I have (as opposed to money). Though, one might say that is the perfect excuse not to write on your blog, as it is a very boring time in my life. I get up, poke around the house, go out into the hot Utah sun for a bit, play with my nieces and nephews, talk with my sisters, brothers, or parents, and go to bed. I've watched a disgusting amount of TV and feel as though I am going stir crazy. I just want a job, rather need a job. I know I can do whatever I put my mind to, it's just convincing employers of that fact. I applied to one of my "dream" organizations, Concern and made it to the 2nd interview. However, the interviewer took a dislike to me and I didn't get the job. It's holy unfortunate, as they have several openings I know I am qualified for and would love to do, but it's the game. The politics and game of it all. I hate it. The reasons one person gets called for an interviewer over another are so arbitrary and vary from day to day. Then, in the interview -- again a game is played. I hate this game. I hate playing it.

But, it's not all whining on this end. I am in beautiful Utah. Above is a picture i took of Delicate Arch, which is in Southern Utah. It's beautiful. I am staying at my sisters house in Orem, Utah. Her home sits at the mouth of Provo canyon. The north side of this canyon is my favorite mountain, Mount Timpanogos. It is one of the most breathtaking sites. If you have never seen the Rockies, and of course specifically Utah, it's time you did. It is beautiful.

Well kids, I have SOOO much to do. Stay tuned, I'll let you know if my life gets started. :)

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are back online! We miss you in the Hub. But we're glad you're out of the humidity. Ugh, it's sticky! -Karen and Lew