28 March 2007

Adopted Elephant!

Shockingly enough, only one person pointed out i neglected to tell you the name of my cute elephant. Possibly the rest of you thought she had no name, but--you are wrong. They are all named. My little girl is Lempaute. She is named after the place where she was found. Below is a link to see some extraordinarily cute pictures of her. It's a link b/c my blog was having major issues loading photos, so i put them in "FaceBook." Anyway--just click on the link and you should see the pictures. Or, if it doesn't work you can copy and paste it into your browser--that should work.


If this doesn't work, SOMEONE let me know--okay?


1 comment:

feminaformosa said...

I am fostering Lempaute too! I really enjoyed your facebook pictures, and I am jealous that you actually got to go visit. Maybe I am biased, but she is definitely my favorite elephant out of all the ones I read about when I get the updates.