27 March 2007

Finally, Some Photos

These first photos are from Twic, South Sudan. This first photo is our compound. The Tukul closest to the tree was mine. Very exciting. You can see the brick paths, during the rainy season everything surrounding those turns to mud, so you can only walk on the paths. This was of course dry season.

The second photo is of our showers. You can see the guy filling them up. The yellow can caries 20 litres of water. He has five of them he fills up at the water pump, and puts in a wheel barrow. He then wheels them to the shower, about 500 yards, climbs a latter with them to be on top of this showers and fills the tank. Each black tank holds 420 litres, thus 5 trips per tank. He has to fill them more then once per day!!!!! The water is used for showering as well as laundry and random other things. Watching him work you REALLY appreciate your shower.

This last photo is of a woman and child at the airstrip. Notice the scarring on her face, it's absolutely gorgeous. Her child was sick, and she wanted us to treat her. We sent them to the GOAL clinic.

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