06 April 2010

More Malawi Photos

Got a request for more photos--Here you are.

This is the INCREDIBLE lodge I stayed at in the middle of a huge huge farm at the foot of Mt Mulanje. It was stunning. 

This is some local food--Nsima, beans, spinach, and cabbage.  Its VERY VERY good. Hmmmm.
This the 4 hour line at the health facility. The people are sitting on cement benches in order, back and forth winding through the room. It is VERY hot and humid.  This sickest people are laying on the cement floor.  Despite all of the issues, this is a great clinic. They have good motivated staff  who show up, and for the most part have functioning equipment.

This last picture is of our "counseling corners" at the health facility where we teach families who have an HIV positive member, usually the mother--and we are teaching how to prevent transmission to her child and how to properly feed her child. The two people in front are our teachers.  They do a great job.  We've had amazing success with this program.

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