13 May 2010


Hi all--sorry been so long.  My brother sent the link below to me.  Some of you have kids, some of you I have actually had a conversation about this with, and some of you i just thought might be interested.

Living in the US brings such contradictions to my life, it never ceases to amaze me--i, along with others, spend millions of dollars desperately trying to get vaccines to people around the world who walk miles in the hot sun carrying their young kids just to get the shot, and here people are refusing and now bringing back that which was once eradicated. Its going to get ugly if this tide continues. I have seen a child die of tetnus and measles. It is a horrible death. 

This is a frontline documentary on the anti-vaccine war. There has been such a decrease in people vaccinating in Oregon that the hospitals have developed a training program for doctors about recognizing and treating vaccine preventable diseases since most of these doctors have never seen polio or pertussis before.


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